Hay For Sale

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa hay has been the primary focus of West-Gro farms for 25 years. Our flagship forage product has the highest protein and digestibility of all forage products grown locally. This alone creates a high demand on hay for sale throughout the year. Our forage products feed everything from milking cattle, roping horses and even goats. - More About Alfalfa Hay

Bermuda Grass

West-Gro is also a large producer of Bermuda grass hay in the Imperial Valley. On our ranches two types of Bermuda hay is produced, Coastal Common and Coastal Giant. Coastal Bermuda has become a staple feed for those immersing themselves in any one of the numerous horse sports. The RFV ( relative feed value ) of Common Bermuda hay grown in Imperial County maintains around 100 which works great as a mild feed that is easy on horses day in and day out. The RFV of Giant Bermuda grass hay is relatively the same as Common, the main differences are height. Giant Bermuda is six to eight inches taller than Common Bermuda, thus producing a cleaner flake when the bale is pulled apart. - More About Bermuda Grass

Sudan Grass

This summer annual does exceptionally well in the Imperial Valley. Most of Imperial Valley grown Sudan is for the export market with Japan consuming the bulk. The grass produces a fine stemmed, soft textured bale and can be grown to produce high tonnage per acre. The high leaf to stem ratio is one main reason the Japanese have fed their beef and dairy industries with Sudan in increasing numbers over the last twenty years. - More About Sudan Grass

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw is a byproduct of wheat grain production. The dry stalks are left behind after the plant has been stripped of the individual kernels. The left over product is then baled into an inexpensive, low RFV feed. Wheat straw has other uses aside from feed. Because of its low cost, it has been used in the construction of homes due its excellent insulation abilities. It is used as a biofuel, bedding, pulped into paper, and as mulch in gardens and orchards. - More About Wheat Straw

Oat Hay

Oat hay is not grown in the Imperial Valley in any great numbers but West Gro does have the ability to produce a very high quality oat hay crop. Oat hay can be a great option for both cattle and horses. It is typically cheaper than alfalfa and has a equal to higher feed value than grass crops. Oat hays harvest times lend itself the benefit of being an inexpensive early summer forage and because of this it has slowly gained in popularity within the last few years. - More About Oat Hay