Oat Hay

Oat hay is not grown in the Imperial Valley in any great numbers but West-Gro Farms does have the ability to produce a very high quality oat hay crop. Oat hay can be a great option for both cattle and horses. It is typically cheaper than alfalfa and has an equal to higher feed value than grass crops. Oat hays harvest times lend itself the benefit of being an inexpensive early-summer forage; because of this, it has slowly gained in popularity within the last few years.

The Oat hay for sale at West-Gro Farms is planted in mid-winter to early spring. The crop is then cut and baled once in the late spring to early summer. The Oat hay for sale in the Imperial Valley maintains a steady 80 in RFV (relative food value). Our Oat hay is harvested once and the ground is then worked and a new crop planted. Product availability is determined by the planting date and it can vary by as much as three months, depending on our current crop schedule.

Oat hay grown in Imperial Valley can be harvested anywhere from March to May, this being determined by our planting dates. For more information about our Oat hay for sale please contact our main office. All Oat hay at our Imperial County ranches are cut, raked and baled in-house. We have found this lends to a greater consistency in the quality of product and allows us to produce a hay specific to our buyers needs.