Wheat Straw For Sale

Wheat straw is a byproduct of wheat grain production. The dry stalks are left behind after the plant has been stripped of the individual kernels. The left over product is then baled into an inexpensive, low RFV (relative feed value) feed. Wheat straw has other uses aside from feed. Because of its low cost, it has been used in the construction of homes due its excellent insulation abilities. It is also used as biofuel, bedding, pulped into paper, and as mulch in gardens and orchards.

West-Gro Farms does not produce and inventory a great deal of wheat straw due to a lack in inventory space. We can however produce and inventory large quantities on special order when needed. Contact us to learn about our wheat straw production process and how we can save you money on numerous projects with an inexpensive and efficient straw product.

Wheat straw for sale is produced locally in the Imperial Valley during the months of May and June. Traditionally, the Wheat straw is baled into 3x4x8 big bales, although it can be baled into three string bales on request. All wheat straw at our Imperial County ranches are cut, raked and baled in-house. This lends to a greater consistency in the quality of product and allows us to produce a wheat straw specific to our consumers needs.